Testimonials & References

Laura is amazing woman. I was the foster mom of Nigel (AHT). I just loved this little guy, he had many issues that where really out there. Not many others believed in him, except for Laura and myself, she travled a whole day to Michigan to pick him up. I commend her parents for letting her seek and fullfill her dreams.
I enjoy Laura's friendship and knowledge and call on her often for advise. My only regret is she is so far away from me! I expect and know she will do great things in her life!

Sue Snyder
Battle Creek, MI


Laura worked with our dogs twice to improve their obedience and barking issues. We have two schauzzers and Laura took charge and they respected her. Within just a few hours she taught them to listen, stay in the living room when the doorbell rang and to wait to be called. We were amazed at the progress in such a short time. Laura is firm with animals but very loving to them too. She definitely has a giftedness when she is around dogs. I would highly recommend her for dog sitting, caring for animals, training them and other related activities. She is a girl of her word, trustworthy and a caring person.

Thank you.


Marilyn Schuck
Streetsboro, OH


Laura has been a great help to our dog, Lacie, and to our family!!  Lacie would not go for a walk at all, nor would she liked to be brushed or have her nails clipped.  Within a couple of hours working with Laura, she is now going for walks, had her nails clipped and actually enjoys being brushed!!  It was amazing to watch the progress so quickly.  I would highly recommend Laura for helping you with dog issues.  We look forward to working on some of Lacie's other issues in the near future!

Angela Condo
Streetsboro, OH


Laura is an awesome person and a great trainer. She has helped my family out with our German Shepard- Great Dane Goofy. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a great trainer for their pet. She not only cares for our dog when I need her to; she treats all animals the same as if they were her own. Kinda like we do our own children. Her fees are very reasonable and she  deserves a bonus. Above all, I really think the dogs  love to be around her 24/7. Laura YOU ARE AWESOME !!!


Darlene Yano
Garrettsville, OH