Bathing Your Dog

Baths aren't just for groom dogs (dogs that need regular grooming or haircuts) short haired, and even hairless breeds will benefit from regular baths.



The Process

It may seem silly to think there's a certain way to wash a dog, but there are methods that work for almost any dog. Most dogs won't enjoy a bath, so you'll want to get Fido clean as efficiently as possible. The process is pretty much the same with short and long haired dogs, the main difference, is you'll want to brush your long haired dog out BEFORE washing, get all matts and tangles out, as they'll only get worse once they're wet.


The Process in Steps

1. Soak

Use lukewarm water to rinse your dog, this will wash any loose particles away and wet the coat for easy shampooing. (Hint: the more water that's left in your dogs coat, the easier it will be to massage the shampoo in)


2. Shampoo

Use an ample amount of shampoo, scrub your dog from head to toe (careful to keep the eyes clear or use tearless shampoo.) With long haired dogs, be sure you scrub WITH the grain of the hair so you don't tangle it. The most common spots missed with home baths are the head, chest, rump, and tail.


3. Rinse

Using lukewarm water, spray the dog using one hand, and scrubbing with the other hand. This method will remove the shampoo faster and will help loosen any stubborn debris. If the water from this rinse is dirty, repeat the shampoo step and rinse again.


4. Hand Slicker

Starting at the head, run your hands firmly along the dog, this action is like using a squeegee or slicker and quickly removes access water from your dog. Work your way down the neck, back, legs, bum, and tail. This step also helps you to check if there's any soap left in your dogs coat or on it's skin, so be thorough!


5. Dry

Take a towel and dry the face, paws, belly, and tail first, as these are often the slowest areas to dry. If you don't have a force dryer at home, you can use a handful of towels to get your dog moderately dry. You can then either let them air dry, or you can set them up in front of a fan, or put them in a well ventilated room/area. (CAUTION: It is NOT advised to use a human hair dryer, these get VERY hot and can burn the dog. If you choose to use this, (AT YOUR OWN RISK) be sure the heat is turned OFF.)