How to Care for Dog Nails

Just like people, dogs nails are constantly growing, but unlike people, dogs can't trim them on their own. There are many ways to keep your dogs nails nice and short, just be sure to do so with care so you don't injure your dog.




This is the time honored "quick and dirty" way to keep your dogs nails short. This can be used before grinding, or on its own. The best way to avoid clipping your dogs quicks, only take off the top or tip of the nail, avoid the thick part, especially with black nails. If you've never done this before, you should ask your vet or a certified groomer to show you.



Grinding is not only marginally safer, but it gets the nails shorter, round, and smooth. Grinding can also be done every few days to work on getting a long quick back. It's the safest way, since there's no clipping, there's less of a chance of hurting the dogs quick and you're much less likely to make the dog bleed if you go to far.


Natural Wear

Whether you're really active, or your dog will simply not tolerate either of the above methods, then nature knows best. Take your dogs for long regular walks on pavement, it will slowly but continuously wear the nail down as it grows. If you choose this method, be sure to keep an eye on the dew claws, more often than not, they don't touch the floor and can't wear down naturally.