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About Me-

Even though I've always had a love for dogs, I've not always known how to behave around them; everyone has a skelleton in their closet, and my 'skelleton's' name is Bear. When my brother brought Cheyanne home in 2000, none were aware that she was pregnant. A few weeks later, she blessed us with 9 beautiful puppies, we kept one named Bear and found wonderful homes for

the other eight. Bear stayed with us for 6 years before she and Cheyanne began to fight, what began as what we thought were "harmless scuffles" turned into hardcore fights and the two couldnt be left alone together. Without the knowledge to successfully mend my pack, I made the hard decision to find Bear a new loving home. It's been many years since Bear left, and in that time, the knowledge I've gained has been instrumental in getting the dog aggressive Cheyanne to resolve her dog aggression issues. Now? I kick myself for not seeing the obvious frustration in both dogs due to pent up energy and lack of discipline, through no fault of their own. It was my fault they were frustrated and though it's something I'll never forgive myself for, I'm also thankful, because if events hadn't occured like they did, I wouldn't have the passion that I have for aggressive and unmanageable dogs. Since Bear has left, alot has happened, Cheyanne tollerated and even enjoyed other dogs company, Jack and Nigel arrived, and my pack is calm, submissive, and obedient.

Though many look down at me because of my age, I don't let it stop me from doing what I love. To this day, I've worked with countless dogs; issues ranging from excessive barking to severe aggression towards people/animals.


My Method:

I find it interesting how people think there is only one way to train a dog. It’s common knowledge to accept one form of training as THE way to do it, and every other way is wrong.
Clicker training is right, clicker training is wrong. Cesars way is right, Cesars way is wrong, this other way is right, this other way is wrong.

I have yet to go somewhere where one trainer isn’t bashing the way of another, or mocking those that do something different from them. Has anyone stopped to consider that perhaps there is more than one way?

Think of it this way, if you’re trying to teach a child something, is there only one way to do so? What if you try to teach the child one way, your way, but they don’t understand. Do you give up or deem the child to be stupid or unteachable? Or do you try something different? Do you try to simplify the task if the child doesn’t understand, or try to make it fun if they just don’t seem interested?
This was something that took me years to figure out, and in the end I learned it in a Photoshop class of all places. My professor was a wonderful teacher, not only was he very knowledgeable, patient, and kind… but he was also willing to learn. I remember the first day of class, he made it very clear and explained it something like this: Photoshop is a complex program, while other teachers may tell you their way is best, there are many ways to do anything and everything. If you ask me how to do something, I’ll tell you the way I do it because that’s what I know, but if you find it to be easier a different way, or just prefer a different way… I wont tell you you’re wrong, in fact I’d like to know how you do it so I know a different way.

It seems so simple doesn’t it? But keeping your mind open is hard; it means the way you’ve always done something, might not be the best way after all.


If you have any questions about me or my techniques, please feel free to contact me